Monday, June 5, 2017

June 2017

So far this year our main trips have been to Ottawa for an Asthma Canada event, to  Browning Inlet for an Albineers Rendezvois and to Osoyoos for an Escape Rally - all in May.

Now it is June and we are back on our boat for our second trip this year - hopefully ending at a other Rendezvois at Thetis Island. We started out yesterday just going to Newcastle Island and tying to a buoy. All was going well until we discovered the Zodiac has a leak. Since we need it to get Lexy ashore we moved to the dock  and Mike tried to patch it. Today we motored over to the Harbour Chandler to buy some more glue in case the first patch doesn't work or we get another hole. We will know if the patch works at about 9 pm. It takes 24 hours to dry. If it works we will head through Dodd Narrows tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Buttle Lake 2

Trying to see if I can publish without a photo.

Friday, July 15, 2016

2016 Going to Ladysmith

So far 2016 has had a few short trips. We went to Toronto in early May to the Asthma Meeting and Conference. We went on 3 short RV trips - to Osoyoos,South Vancouver Island including Port Renfrew, and the a couple of nights at Rathrevor.  We did have other plans for going to Quebec with family in March and RVING right across the US in April and May but had to cancel due to health - first Elspeth then me. We also had planned to go to Albineers in Thetis in June but called to go to sinus doc with Elspeth instead.

So here we are in July actually on the boat at Newcastle planning to go through Dodds Narrows at 2:47 and hoping the winds and waves are not too strong on way to Jack Point. Right now it seems good. Boat is well set up and I am getting used to bobbing here in the sunshine. Mike is having some neck pain but says he is ok. Yeeks - the marine weather is on the radio. That automated voice always give me the creeps - 50 years of getting the creeps from the marine weather

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pirates Cove -Day 11

The music at Silva Bay ended before 10 pm and all was quiet for the night.  This morning I paid our fee for the moorage and we left about 9: 20 to catch the slack at 10:09. The nw wind and the ebb were going the same way so the sea was relatively flat and Gabriola Passage was easy. We crossed Pylades Channel and anchored in Pirates Cove with a stern tie. The walk around the park was beautiful and I took photos of arbutuses to paint one day. Lexy picked up hundreds and hundreds of burrs and grass seeds. Poor dog - it took a couple of hours combing to clean her up. It was another very hot glaring day over 30 degrees and so bright. The water in the cove was full of seaweed and oyster spawn but we had a short dip and sun shower to cool down anyway. We barbecued potatoes and spicy sausage for dinner. Now the sun has set and it will soon be pretty cold - 16 degrees probably.  We need to get to bed before it gets too cold. Tomorrow it will be slack at Dodds Narrows or False Narrows at about 10:30 and hopefully the winds will stay light for the 9 or 11 mile trip back to NYC. I  will try to insert a photo here.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Silva Bay

Here we are at Silva Bay on the "outside" of Gabriola Island. We spent a couple of nights in Maple Bay where there was music at the pub. Last night in Conover Cove people on sailboat tied nearby played ukulele until 10. Tonight we have a group of young musicians performing on a large sailboat not far away. A bunch of guys on another giant racing sailboat are encouraging them with booze and cheering them on. It is hard to imagine how this will end or worse still when this will end. Dogs all over the marina are barking to each other. The sun has set and it is cooling off. Too bad I can't insert a photo from my phone as the scenery to day was beautiful - blue sky and water with dark blue distant Vancouver Island mountains as golden grassy islets.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Travels in June 2015

We made 2 trips at the end of May and beginning of June 2015. We started by taking our Escape trailer to the mainland on May 24. We had a great family visit and then on Monday I saw my sinus doc and Tuesday my asthma doc. They both said I was in bad shape. I should have gone in weeks before when I first started having problems with my hearing and breathing. I was put on a big prednisone burst - 50 MG per day for a week and then tapering off for a week.

Prescription purchased we set off for beautiful Manning Park. The snow had only just melted and there were hardly any other people there.  Mike canoed and I took very short walks. We watched our Teaching  Company DVD on great opera in a hail storm.

After a couple of nights we headed down to the very hot Okanagan to join 160 other Escapes at the rally in Osoyoos. It was so hot I thought I  had a fever. We joined in the activities and met other Escapees from all over North America.  It was lots of fun - especially as I began to feel a bit better. Our neighbors in the RV park were fellow Albineers on their way across Canada in their new 15 ft Escape. We stayed in Manning on the way home. This time I was well enough to walk 3 km around the top of Lightning Lake.

We went home for a couple of nights and then set off for Thetis Island in Skol. I was so anxious and so prednisoned but I was also better enough to do the 3 hour walk to North Cove not once but twice. We had a great visit with our Albineer friends. It was bitter sweet to realize how old some are getting. Marvin is 95 and his kids won't let him go out on his boat alone anymore. He's still tons of fun and a great storyteller.

After the rendezvous we headed over to Ladysmith and hung out for a few days with Pat and Jim. We anchored across from Ladysmith for 3 nights. Every afternoon Jim and I painted the seascape around us. It was really hot - enough to swim off the boat. It was a really lovely time. Tonight we are in Maple Bay. Tomorrow I will put up some pictures to make this blog look really great.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Adding Canada Trips to this blog

I've incorporated posts from three trips which first appeared in our "Canada with Mike and Penny Blog" into our "Chuckling Chimes Travel Blog." As of Feb. 8, 2015 I'm still adding photos and correcting typos. You can find the posts by going to the archive on the right side of the screen.
  • Trip to  Yellowknife Trip - 2011 (located in February, 2011 - although trip was in the summer)
  • Trip to Winnipeg Trip - 2012
  • Cross Canada Trip - 2014. 
From now on all our blogs about travel will be in our "Chuckling Chimes Travel Blog."

We're not traveling right now. So, just because a picture is worth a 1000 words, here is a beach on Newcastle Island -  a 5 minute boat ride from Nanaimo.