Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday, January 23 - Sante Fe

Today we drove from Denver Colorado to Sante Fe New Mexico. The country we passed through was very beautiful. Long stretches of pale yellow grassland with blue mesas and mountains in the distance. Tumbling tumbleweed blowing across the highway (I 25). Then stretches with lots of small pines and junipers with sage brush. We didn't have any snow - just a few drops of rain after coming into New Mexico.

The altitude in Sante Fe is 7000 ft - so it is a bit cold - though not freezing - and there is some snow on the ground in north slopes or shaded side of bushes and trees. 

We thought we should start keeping track of our mileage on the Blog. Our whole trip will be more than 20,000 km. So far we have gone 3,310 km. We need to cover 1000 more km by Sunday afternoon - when we plan to arrive in Terlingua, Texas for our hikes in Big Bend with the Elderhostel group. 

We should have internet access tomorrow - but we understand that there is no internet access in Terlingua. So don't worry if our blog doesn't come up for a few days. 

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