Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting Ready To Go

Today is Tuesday, January 6 and we leave in less than a week on our big 2009 trip to Mexico . We've been ticking off the TO DO items in our list. Will we get everything done?

We have a lot of great guide books - including the "Lonely Planet Guide to Mexico" (by John Noble) and "The People's Guide to Mexico" (by Carl Franz and Lorena Havens). The Vagabundos de Mar sent us the "Travellers' Guide to Mexican Camping" (by Mike and Terri Church), an excellent map of the whole country, the "Guia Rojo 2008-2009 Mexico Tourist Atlas" and the "Vagabudos del Mar Yucatan Adventure Tour Road Log" - which is actually a complete set of driving instructions for the whole trip. "Travellers' Guide to Mexican Camping" actually has GPS locations for the campsites and we are planning to program them into Emily - our GPS - sometime.

We also have several Spanish language books including the "15 Minute Latin-American Spanish" course - which we managed to copy onto our MP3s today.

Yesterday we bought ant traps, a deadbolt for the trailer door, a huge new jack (Jackall), a locking gas cap. and some yaktrax (for Mike only - they were out of Penny's size).

Today we took the trailer in to have the breaks repacked; we had the truck tires checked and balanced; we bought chains for the truck; Penny went to the dentist: and we started this travel blog.

We also checked the boat, emptied the boat fridge, and gave the keys to the Marina staff. We promised Skol that we won't forget her and we'll go on a cruise just as soon as we get back!

Check back soon to find out if we figured out how to do our income tax before we go (without any forms), if the international cell phones actually arrive before Monday - our planned day of departure, and if a small pair of yaktrax can be found anywhere before we leave.

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