Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009 Boise to Provo

Pictures on our trip from Yakima to Provo.

Here is Mike in Yakama RV Park - warming up the truck, getting ready to leave. That's not snow - it is frost. (First day out from Vancouver - January 14, 2009)

View point above Pendleton Oregon - lunch break January 14, 2009) on our way to Boise Idaho.

Mountains in Utah driving to Salt Lake City from Idaho January 15, 2009.

Before dinner walk down to Utah Lake State Park in Provo Utah - January 15, 2009. Notice safety measures - we both had head lamps and reflective vests. That is snow on the ground - ( -11C at 11PM ). Tomorrow we head east into the Rocky Mountains - route to be determined in the morning after we check weather and road reports.

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