Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24, 2009 - Carlsbad, New Mexico

Today we drove from Sante Fe to Carlsbad,New Mexico. Carlsbad is famous for its amazing caves and caverns and the bats that live in them. The country is very dry - with lots of yuccas and cactuses - the flat kind of cactus that grows in big clumps.

We took highway 285 most of the way. It is mostly a divided highway - very flat and straight. Often there was no other traffic in sight and very few big trucks - unlike the interstate highways. We passed through the beautiful pale yellow plains with a turquoise and blue sky overhead.  

It is easy to see why New Mexico is famous for its artists - like Gerogia O'Keefe. The colours are so gorgeous. The New Mexico flag and license plates are bight yellow and red - the colours Penny wanted to paint her bedroom when she was a teenager.

Some of the small towns seem very derelict. There are numerous abandoned gas stations.

However, Carlsbad itself is a busy place. The Pecos River runs through and there is actually lots of water in it - very different from the other dried up river beds we passed. We took a nice brisk walk along the river after we arrived. Penny is reading "Spark," a popular book on brain plasticity and the need for exercise to keep our brains working effectively - so the walk was just the thing. Here is the Pecos River after the sun had set.

There seem to be lots of pecan orchards just north of Carlsbad - no doubt watered from the river.

Tomorrow we're off to Big Bend/Terlingua in Texas. 

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