Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today was our last day at the ALISE Conference. It was another very interesting day.

Penny was a speaker on a panel about Adjunct and Part-time Faculty. Here she is talking about some of the "ISSUES":

Penny also attended a couple of other talks and meetings while Mike read his book. "Cockroach" by Rawi Hage and edited some of the videos he has taken. He will try to attach them to this Blog later. We also both attended the SJSU SLIS reception up on the 37th floor of the Pinnacle Building - where we had a chance to talk to other SJSU faculty and PhD students.

We are now getting ready to leave for New Mexico tomorrow. The weather has started to change. After several sunny days with temperatures up to 70 degrees farenheit or 18 degrees celsius,  there is a chance of snow tomorrow. So we plan to leave fairly early. 

Here are some pictures from Monday's hike in the Red Rocks Open Space Park:

Mike on the trail up the Red Rocks Trail.

Some of the Red Rocks.

A tree full of robins - as the sun sets. 

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