Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tonight we are in Yakama Nation RV Park just a few miles south of the City of Yakima in Washington State.

We left Nanaimo yesterday on the 3 pm ferry, had a lovely visit with with our son and his family, and stayed at Capilano RV Park in North Vancouver. There was still a lot of snow in the RV park.  We had a cozy night in our little Escape trailer. This morning, after breakfast, we we went for a short walk along the Capilano River before heading up to Mike's mom to say goodbye.

Our main challenge so far has been trying to get sim cards for our international phone. It was supposed to arrive in Nanaimo last week but was held up by bad weather. We waited in Nanaimo until about noon on Monday, then had them diverted to Mike's mom's house in Vancouver. However, they didn't make it to Vancouver in time - so now they're going to Golden near Denver. 

We left Mike's mom's at about 11 am and were soon at the Peace Arch border crossing. We ate a bun and cheese in the car as we drove along and were soon driving through Bellingham. Traffic was busy in Everett and near Seattle. Then it was up into the Cascades and through Snoqualmie Pass. There was lots of snow by the road side and on the mountains but the roads were clear and dry. It was quite foggy until we got just past the summit and came out into blue skies. The trees gave way to brown grass and low bushes - a lot like the Okanagan Valley. 

The sun was setting as we drove into the Yakima Valley. It was beautiful - with the big open sky. When we got to Toppenish it was dark. We had called ahead so knew no-one would be in the office. We set up the trailer in site 54 and made dinner of pasta, sauce, and canned peaches - plus some delicious chocolate cookies we had been given. After dinner we walked around the one mile paved track and luckily found someone at the office who gave us a password for the wifi.

Now we are settled in for the night and planning for our trip tomorrow. 

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