Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yakima to Boise

Today we drove from Yakima to Boise. The roads were clear and dry but it was very foggy for more than half of the trip. When we did emerge from the fog, the scenery was beautiful! In some parts dry hills and sage brush - often with snow or snow patches and in a few parts - pine-treed mountains. We followed the Yakima Valley to the Columbia River, then followed the I 84 across the northeast corner of Oregon. We stopped fror lunch in the hills above Pendleton and for groceries in Ontario, Oregon  just before the Snake River and the Idaho border.  Whenever we tried out the CB radio - all we ever heard was truckers talking to each other in Spanish. Despite our Spanish lessons, we could only pick out a few words.  We are staying in a large RV park just west of Boise. There's an indoor swimming pool and TV room and a lot of other RVs. The temperature is just around O degrees Centigrade.  Tomorrow we hope to get to Provo, Utah - just South of Salt Lake City.  

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