Friday, February 20, 2009

February 6, 2009

(We wrote this post on Blog February 6, 2009. We have only just got reliable internet access on February 20 at Paamul near Cancun and are posting it tonight. )

We are writing this blog posting in El Rey RV Park south of Vera Cruz on the East Coast of Mexico. We don’t have wifi here so we will post it later when we do. The park itself is neat and clean, but the beach, which should be beautiful, is littered with plastic in all its many forms. This is likely because we are in a huge bay and the plastic keeps circulating around. What will future generations think of this age? 

We left Costa Esmerelda this morning and arrived here early this afternoon. Today we drove through banana and sugar cane plantations, cattle farms and many small villages. We crossed many good sized rivers and often in the distance were blue-green hills and mountains. We will try to put in a picture of this when we actually post this blog.. Seeing the plantations made us think that little good comes to the Mexican people from this type of agriculture. Everything is for export rather than to provide food for the local people. 

A funny thing happened as we went along. The Wagon Master’s CB somehow was affecting their coach’s folding steps. Every time they used the CB to talk to the caravan, their exterior steps went in and out! When they came to a close embankment, they had to stop CB-ing for fear of destroying their steps!

A strange thing happened last evening. I checked my email and found a post from SJSU-SLIS reassuring all the faculty that, despite the economic situation in California, we would be paid. Apparently, the state is so short of money that if people have overpaid their income tax, they won’t get a refund – just an IOU from the state. Pretty scarey!

Tomorrow we are going to Veracruz on a tour. This is near where Cortes landed when he first came to Mexico. Veracruz is described as a beautiful colonial city and is also a major seaport. We also think there is a lot of offshore oil drilling going on near here. The Americans invaded Veracruz in 1914 because of the Mexican Revolution. The Vagabundos will be “invading” tomorrow.  

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