Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boating in 2010

We have started out on summer boating holiday. Earlier this year we went to Albin Rendezvous in Pender Island and Thetis Island. Then we spent a lot of time fixing up SKOL. We cetolled (varnished) the woodwork (at least some of it) and had new canvas made. On Friday the canvas was finished and the engine repair (which turned out to minor) was done. Yesterday we set off for Newcastle Island - only minutes from the Nanaimo Yacht Club - but a different world. We walked around the island and went for a swim. The anchorage was jammed and the Dragon Boaters were having a big festival not far away in harbour. The campsites on Newcastle were full. There were kayaks, dinghies, huge cruisers, jet skis, sail boats, swimmers - you name it - everywhere.

The weather was very hot and sunny. The forecast was for a lot of wind everyday. However, there was a lull this morning and we crossed the gulf early today. We got up at 5 and were on our way by 10 to 6. We figure the wind was about 10 NW and - rather than building up - it switched to about 5 SE. Very strange. We tied up at Secret Cove and are waiting for our family to come and visit. Tonight the wind is predicted to pick up to 30 NW. But we will be snug and comfortable - here in Secret Cove.

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