Sunday, September 26, 2010

Around Lacock

Today we visited the Abbey near Lacock. As we knew, the story was similar to the Abbey in Abbotsbury. It had been founded in the 1200s for the Augustinian nuns (fairly well-to-do ladies who did not want to get married) and was an abbey for about 300 years until Henry VIII's dissolution of the Catholic church structures in the 1500s. It was then turned into a house for a wealthy noble. One of this person's descendants actually invented the positive/negative process in photography. In 1944, it was given over to the National Trust. Like Lacock village, it has been used in movies - notably as the classrooms in some of the Harry Potter movies. It was very interesting but very cold and there were lots of other people touring around.

After lunch (in "The George" where we finally got warm), we walked through some fields back to our B&B. Then we followed our map across some more fields, around the secret estate of the Duchess of Cornwall, and along an old canal that is no longer used but is being restored. Then across some more fields until it was very difficult to figure out where the path went. We made it back to Lacock before dark - but there were a few moments when I was wondering if we would.

We had a good dineer at another pub (the "Red Lion") and were happy with all the vegetables - which seem to be lacking at most meals. In all we walked about 17 km - however, there was a mistake yesterday - we only actually walked about 5 km yesterday - not 9.

Tomorrow we will probably drive to Bath to see the sights. Once again we left in our accommodation with no-one else here but 2 other guests. The owner is away, her daughters have gone back to London and her replacement person won't come in until tomorrow. This seems very odd and rather annoying since the shared bathroom is almost out of toilet paper and no-one knows where to find it.

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