Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cat Bells Walk

Today we we went for a walk up the Cat Bells. Before we went, we stopped at an outdoors store (one of many in Keswick) and I bought a pair of hiking poles, some new boots and some some new socks. My walking shoes are just not up to all the walking we have been doing.

We walked for about 6 hours (12:15 - 6:00) and climbed 1150 ft (a total of 20 km today). The mountain is quite spectacular with three peaks, a long ridge, and steep hillsides covered mainly with brown bracken and some heather. The trail was quite steep in parts and there was one section where it had washed away and we had to scramble up over some craggy bits. The weather was cloudy with sunny periods - but while we were on the craggy bit it started to rain - toque weather. Then the sun came out again and there was a rainbow between us and the first peak. There were quite a few people on the path - most of them very fit and many of them in our age group or older. It was quite inspiring to see people "plodding their weary way" as one fellow commented.

Tomorrow they are predicting rain. We've had these predictions before and so far have not had much precipitation - so we'll wait and see. We definitely need to go to the laundrette.

The TV is on right now and there is lots of doom and gloom here about the financial situation. England is making lots of cuts and so is Ireland. The problem seems similar to the US where easy credit led to a "house price bubble," the collapse of the banks, government bail outs, and now big cuts.

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