Friday, September 10, 2010

England Day 1 - Southbank

Today we woke up quite and, after breakfast in our apartment, we took to tube to Westminster Station. The internet connection here is not too good. In fact,I am sitting in the garden in the dark with my headlamp on to writie this - so this will be very short. The short of it is - we walked across the river at Westminster, then along to the London Eye. We cahsed in a prepaid ticket and took the thrilling ride up into the sky on the Eye. It was great! We had brought sandwiches and ate them on a bench admid the buskers - a couple of Charlie Chaplins and a couple of Michael Jacksons, etc. Then we carried on walking along the river to the Tate Gallery. We spent a couple of hours looking at modern art - the Surrealists actually gave me the creeps - then crossed the millennial bridge at St Paul's walked through the City past Trafalgat Square back to Westminster Station. The tube trip home was very fast and we were back in Southfields by *:30. It was a great day!

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