Friday, September 24, 2010

Lacock by car

Today we said goodbye to the ocean. We took the train from Wool to Poole where we picked up our rental car from Enterprise. We had started with Enterprise when out truck was being repaired and it is a worldwide car rental company. Mike drove our nice little Vauxhall Corsa to the village of Lacock - about 15 miles from Bath. The British seem to drive very fast on their narrow twisty-turny roads and they all seem be pretty aggressive drivers. However we made it safely to our B&B - Damson Cottage - which is an old stone building. The owner (Dilly) is currently away but one of her daughters and her lovely parents are here tonight. This is different from last night in Lulworth Cove where all the staff left at 10 p.m. and, as far as we knew, we were alone in the quite large B&B.

There are many interesting things about Lacock - not the least of which is that Camilla (of Charles and Camilla) actually lives next door to our B&B. We didn't realize this and her house is out of sight behind some trees - so it's not like we will see her or Prince Charles. Dilly's mother told us that Dilly and Camilla are good friends and that Camilla grazes her horses in Dilly's pasture!

The other interesting thing about Lacock is that it is ancient village - a lot like Abbotsbury. There is a huge abbey (nunnery) originally built in the 13th century and partially destroyed under Henry VIII's dissolution of the Catholic monasteries. Like Abbotsbury it has a Tithe Barn where the people's tithes of wheat, vegetables, etc. were stored. It is mainly owned by the National Trust and has some gift shops, a very nice restaurant and 8 pubs! It was used to film Pride and Prejudice and parts of some Harry Potter movies. Also, Talbot who invented negative/positive photography was one of the owners of the abbey - once it had become a private home.

To get to the village is a 1 km walk down some quiet roads and across a sheep field - nice green grass, uninterested sheep - but lots of sheep droppings. We walked around and later went back for a delicious dinner - but that was all the walking we did today. This probably a good thing since my blisters are really hurting. What a pain. We walked back tonight through the dark sheep field with the almost full moon shining above the abbey spire. It was quite magical and a moment not to be forgotten.

We will be here for 5 nights and hope to explore Bath and the Cotswolds by car and on foot.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. We are well other than the fact I broke my foot. I broke 2 toes and fractured them in 3 places. I was moving a couch and slammed it right into the tip of my toes. I am working but walking rather slowly. Work is good and the kids are happy in their classes. They are working hard and doing great work. The boys have taken up new instruments for their lessons and are now playing guitars ( bass and acoustic). They are also in band. I am really enjoying your blog. Take care. Love Elspeth