Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We are now in Lake District in Kiswick (kissik). We have a good wifi connection so have loaded a photo we took of the nearby lake, Darwent Water, once we got here.

We drove about 200 miles up the M5 and the M6 - two main motorways jammed with huge trucks and lots of cars, some rain with lots of spray - plus the speed limit of 70 miles an hour. Mike did a fantastic job as usual wending his way through the heavy traffic. We stopped at two different wayside stops. They are like North American highway rest areas - but with many more facilities. Both had Marks and Spencer food stores, several restaurants, toilets, gas stations and other shops. We like the billboard advertising a fruit drink by saying something like "keep your brain hydrated - your sat nav (gps) drinks this!" It does seem true that the sat nav (who we usually call Emily) never gets tired.

The Lake District is very different from the Cotswolds. The hills are steep and craggy and covered with heather and pine forests. There are also lots of green fields with stone walls and plenty of sheep. There are also lots of streams and lakes and plenty of interesting paths - some look quite steep - but the scale is completely different to mountains in BC so it's hard to tell. Kiswick definitely feels like a holiday place and has numerous shops selling hiking gear. Darwent Water seems to be about 5 miles long and has cruise boats which go around. It takes 50 minutes and you can hop on and hop off all day long. Very civilized in a sort of rugged way.

Our new B&B seems very pleasant. It is right in the town in a stone Victorian era building. We have quite a large room with en suite and the owners seem very helpful. There are lots of restaurants and pubs. We are looking forward to our stay here. This is the midpoint of our trip and everything has been "brilliant" so far.

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