Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16 - Lyme Regis

Today we left our very nice self-catering apartment in Southfields near Wimbledon (near London) and took the #39 bus to Clapham Junction and the train to Axminster. Being on the cautious side we had allowed way too much time to make the connections and 3 hours to spend in Clapham Junction - a nice shopping village still in the London area. What did we do? We did what any smart traveller would do, we went to the public library and to Starbucks. Unfortunately we could not get wifi connection in either of these iconic wifi hot spots - so we went to the G3 store and bought a dongle that will connect Mike's computer to wifi through the cell phone system. This was very exciting and it actually worked once we got on the train. We arrived in Axminster at about 4 pm and were picked up by our B&B host, Dave. This is a lovely house in Lyme Regis - with 3 pretty bedrooms, a sitting room, breakfast room and lovely walled garden. The original part of the house was built in the 1300s but everything about it is charming and gleaming clean. Dave, the owner, told us he was formerly in telecommunications and Caroline, his wife, was an RN - but they gave it up 3 years ago to run the B&B. We came to Lyme Regis for 2 reasons - because we understand the Tuckers came from here and because it is a good place to start our walk along the South Coast Path. Lyme Regis is ancient and very pretty - with whitish cliffs in the distance, an ancient cobb (breakwater), a sandy beach and many seaside accomodations. Lots of fossils have been found here from the Jurassic Period and hence it is called the Jurassic Coast. We had a rather late dinner and now are heading for bed. We stay here tomorrow night and the next night and do some walking each day. The weaterh is predicited to be goo - so this will be fun! Maybe tomorrow we will try to upload a couple of photos of some the sites we have seen. By the way - it is Mike who keeps all the communication going and always figures out the routes. I did the cooking in Southfileds but no am onnly responsible for our store of cookies and chocolates - to ensure we don't expire from hunger during the night!

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