Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crags and stone circles

Today we are writing this blog earlier than usual. We have just go back from a very nice and interesting 12.5 km walk and are trying to figure out where to go for dinner.

Just another comment on Wordsworth. I must confess that I never really liked his poetry very much - although I did take a course on the Romantic poets of whom he was the most revered (by my prof at least). I didn't like my prof either - come to think of it. I guess I must have missed out learning how revolutionary and political he was. He had a modest endowment that allowed him to spend his time walking in the Lake District and writing poety instead of having to work at a job.

Today we returned the boots I had bought to George Fisher. My boots had become more and more uncomfortable - good for my feet but killing my ankles. Mike suggested going back to my walking shoes and they seemed fine - providing I covered my feet in blister plasters. George Fisher was very good about (they're a large firm) and gave me most of my money back - despite the fact my boots were filthy and I had stuck bandaids inside them hoping to make the more comfortable. The joys of walking - if it's not your feet, it's your knees. If it's not your knees, it's your chest. Then again there are the steep precipices and the ongoing search for a toilet or substantial bush. As I read in a book about the philosophy in Alice in Wonderland, hiking is "jam yesterday and jam tomorrow - but never jam today."

However - today's walk was very delightful. We walked out of Keswick and up some paths, across fields and woods and climbed Walla Crag. It is a fairly steep walk but not too long and at the top is a fabulous view of Derwent Water, Cats Bell where we walked a couple of days ago and Keswick. There were quite a few other people on the path - not surprising since it is Saturday and the weather is good. We came back down Walla Crag and then set off across more fields and stiles and a bridge over a stream to the Castlerigg Stone Circle. It is a great stone circle with many stones still standing - though none across the top like Stonehenge. It can be reached by car so there were a few other people there, including a car club who were touring the countryside in there old Sunbeams (little sportscars - and very cute.) There was even an ice-cream van by the road - but we had tea and peakfreens that we had carried with us. Our little thermoses that we brought from home have turned out to be very useful - we make tea in our room and enjoy it on our walk.

We may put in a couple of photos later - but have not downloaded anything yet. Unfortunately, there is no cell reception in our room - though the wifi is excellent. Now - where shall we go for dinner on a Saturday night in the Lake District's equivalent of Banff?

Oh - one last thing - Mike has the most amazing ability to find his way on the paths. Somehow he sees what is on the map in the landscape - and never gets us lost. Amazing - I still don't know how to find my way to the Moot Hall where all the walks seem to begin.

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