Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fells and lakes

Today was our last day in the Lake District. We started with another trip to George Fisher. This time because we left our credit card there yesterday and - while we were there- we each bought long underwear and warm booties. We are now well into October and it is often quite cold - so we think we are now prepared. We hope that we will still be able to take all our luggage home as carryon - except my new walking poles which are probably small enough but have dangerous pointy tips.

We drove out toward Buttermere on a circle loop recommended by our landlord. We drove along the shore of Derwent Water and then up to Honiston Pass. At Honiston Pass there is an slate mine which has been turned into an adventure centre. It is a great place to start out on a number of fell walks - which is what we did. But there is also a zip line, hang gliding and helicopter rides that look (from below) like something out of Avitar. We walked up a fell on an abandoned tram line (something to do with the mining) shich was actually a straight rocky path. We ate our lunch overlooking the Haystacks - quite large fells - covered in grass and bracken and heather - with dark stoney outcrops. They look quite forboding and daunting - but no doubt we could walk up them if we put our mind to it. It was cloudy and misty.

Then we drove down the steep winding road to Buttermere lake. From there we could also see the haystacks plus the ridge where we had eaten lunch. We walked around the lake, watching the scenery chnage as the clouds passed over and the sun went in and out. It was cold enough for toque - but no real rain. Out total km was about 15 - which I think is an ideal walk as long as there are some hills to go up and down. The fells are amazing to walk on for people like us from BC because there are so few trees. Usually you can see all the other fells around and can make out the tiny shapes of people walking up, over and around them. There are always sheep - some white, some greyish, some black - munching away on the wet green grass.

Tonight we had dinner at a pub. Pubs can actually be really good places to eat as some of the meals actually come with vegetables - where pizza places and fancy Italian restaurants here only com with really tiny salads. We actually bought a bag of carrots to eat for snacks and stored them in the window box outside our window. I hope we don't forget them when we set off for Levesham in Yorkshire tomorrow. We plan to stop at a major fort in Hadrian's Wall on the way and hope we will have wifi in our new B&B.

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