Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today we went for a walk that began near the village that was the site used to film the series "Heartbeat." We are definitely "Heartbeat" fans and have watched it for years on Knowledge. We know all the characters and at the end of each episode we always ask, "Where was that filmed?" Now we know - Goathamland in North Yorkshire. There were tons of tourists and quite a few tour buses in Goathamland - so it did not feel at all like Aidensfield. Howeve4r, it was a handy place to park for out walk - which we selected from a North York path book.

We started by walking down a lot of steps to the bottom of a tree-filled valley and then scrambled over some rocks to look at a waterfall called Mallyan Spout. It is called a spout because it is only there after heavy rain. Since it had rained hard yesterday, the spout was in evidence and it was very pretty spraying over a rocky ledge and through moss and ferns. The next 1.6 km was also either a scramble over rocks or a tiptoe through a lot of water and mud beside the river. Presumably there had actually once been a real path - but it has been washed away over the centuries. Once out of the little river valley, we crossed some fields full of sheep and other fields full of cows - going up one side of the valley and then back down again along a "green way" ( a grassy path). The path book said we had to cross a ford in the river, but fortunately there were also two foot bridges. From there it was up a "gated track" and finally up into the moors - gently sloping land covered with bracken (a nasty invasive species), grass and heather. Apparently the sheep keep the heather to the right height by nibbling the young shoots. The heather is also burned periodically to control it. We walked along a path in moors until Goathamland came into view and then we returned to the car. Most of the tourists had gone, and it seemed like every other small village we have driven and walked through on this journey.

When we got back to our lovely B&B it turned out that the power had been off all day. We drove down another steep valley to the Levisham Station on the old steam railway which links Whitby and Pickering and is a toruist feature of the area. The pwoer came back on and we ate dinner at the only place that serves food in Levisham - a very nice pub which serves very delicious food.

Food - one thing we have learned about is English dessert. They like to eat pudding - but this is not a creamy dish as it is in Canada, it is a cakey dish with raisins - more like Christmas pudding. Yesterday we had toffee pudding which had a toffee sauce on it. Today we had trifle - which was very good with lots of real cooked fruit on the bottom, a thin layer of cake and custard on top. It was so nice and warm in the pub, with shiny bar and shiny wood tables. Like yesterday there were about 20 other people there - at least half seemed to be visitors like us - and many had there dogs with them. Many of the dogs were labs - and they were all quiet and well-behaved. Occasionally the dogs would get up from under the tables and saunter around - politely hoping for a handout. One who came our way was called Basil and another was called Henry.

We often think about home and family and always think how much you would all enjoy being on this trip (except for the driving). The countryside is so beautiful and there are so many places to walk.

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