Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good morning in Delhi

Our flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok and then Delhi was fairly uneventful anf mzinly about eating. We had eaten lunch in the airport. Mike had a hot beef sandwich and I had a bagel with cream cheese and salmon- a little pn the heavy side.

As soon as we were on the plane to Bangkok, we had dinner - rice, fish, bun, salad and a sort of custard cake. The young fellow beside me had a terrible cough and did not seem to speak English. When we came in sight of the countryside around Bangkok he grinned and said, 'Thailand!'

About half of the people got off and agroup of cleaners in green hi viz vests came on amd vhamged the pillow cases, swept the floor amd hopefully cleaned the bathroom. Hardly anyome got on and it seemed a little disorganized when we took off. They had counted the bags and the passengers while cleaning was boing on but it seemed a little hit and miss. Immediately another dinner was served , a real Indian chicken curry with rice, a bun, fruit, yohurt,,and rice pudding.

We flew over an amazing river delta, around a lightening storm and thru sunset. When we arrived in Delhi it was 32.cegrees. However, everything went very smoothly thru immigration, thru the dutyfree and to the area where people were waiting. Mike found our drver and wr were soon being driven tnru the busy streets, round many roundabouts under many leafy trees to B19.

It is a small hotel in anice resicential area. We have a huge bed, table and chairs, balviny, and nice bathroom. All sorts of people got us set up and, having got internet connection and sending a short email to Espeth and Rob we had showers and tnankfully into bed.

In the mornkng breakfast was bdiubht to our room - we ate on the balcony. Bicycle and cart vendors with vegetables were passing by - callimg out their wares. We thought the were a call to prayer. There is big mosque and many interexting tombs nearby. I will try to write about some of them in my next blog.

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