Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our first day in India

It is n now about 6:30 and dzrk outside. It is warm but all we need is a fan. Dinner is coming at 8:30. After lunch we sat around for awhile and then pulled ourselves together to walk to the nearby Humayun's Tomb.

Humayun was a Mogul ruler in the 17th century and his tomb is a magnificent mauseleum which was actually the inspiration for the much more famous Taj Mahal. Humayan's Tomb is a World Heritage Site. It is mainly red sandstone with a white marble dome. There are huge gardens around it - grass and trees with waterways and pools and fountains. The grass and air is filled with different kinds of birds, including some green parrots. Since it was Sundah, there were throngs of visitors coming and going. Many of women wore stunningly lovely saris and other outfits - more like a tunic over leggings, but all in beautiful colours. The tomb was very impressive. It sort of reminded me of some of ruins im Mexico - but the Mexican ruins are much older of course. The moguls were contempoary with the Tudors in England. We got talking to an English woman who started jn Bejing, gone to Lassa and then into northern India - by herself. Pretty impressive.

The walk over to the Tomb  was less than a kilometre but part of it was pretty hectic walking along the busy road and past two areas where the rickshaws and auto-rickshaes pick up passengers. Of course the drivers call out to you to take a ride which is a little annoying but understandable. On the way home a very persistent beggar attached himself to us and would not go away no matter how much we ignored him. Mike said he was even grabbing his arm. Some men sitting at bus stop noticed our plight and beckoned us over, asking, 'Is this man bothering you?' They told him stop bothering us and waived him on his way..

When we got back to B19  we had showers and did some laundry. Dinner came earlier than expected and it is getting hard to stay awake. I realize that my typing on this tablet ix pretty bad and I am falling asleep. Good night.

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