Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16 - Time to go home

Today we did our own tour of Chennai (Madras) and we will leave for the airport at 11 pm for a 3 am flight. I've put a photo from last evening at the top - because it would not load yesterday and today it is too hazy for us to see a sunset.

We started the day with breakfast - Mike ate some toast - his first food in 2 days, Then we took a tuk tuk down to the Marina Beach where we saw fishboats and people buying fish at the markets. It was pretty hot and very windy. We were too late to see the people playing volleyball and flying kites as described in the Lonely Planet.

We continued our walk through the town and across the river. Then back to the hotel for lunch - a big Chinese lunch because the main restaurant is taken over by a convention of elevator people. The Raintree is a very nice hotel - but caters more to business people than to tourists. As far as I can see - there aren't very many tourists here - in fact I haven't seen one European or American tourist the whole time we have been here. Although it's the 4th largest city in Inida it's not really on the tourist route.

In the afternoon we went to the National Museum - a group of old red brack colonial buildings with some great stone artifacts and some amazing bronzes. Unfortunately, despite a corp of women sweeping up the leaves, the place is pretty messy and there were some mosquitoes inside - the first we have seen. I was going to put in a few pictures of te statues and bronzes but Blogger won't cooperate so will end here

Our trip home will take 22 hours and we will arrive in Vancouver about 11 am on November 17. We will give people a call when we arrive. Yesterday we heard from Kathy, who has been looking after Lexy while we were gone, that Lexy will be happy to see us and get some exercise. We're looking forward to that too as it has been hard to get much good working here - though we can still climb the 8 stories to our room without getting out of breath - so we can't be too bad!

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