Monday, June 15, 2015

Pirates Cove -Day 11

The music at Silva Bay ended before 10 pm and all was quiet for the night.  This morning I paid our fee for the moorage and we left about 9: 20 to catch the slack at 10:09. The nw wind and the ebb were going the same way so the sea was relatively flat and Gabriola Passage was easy. We crossed Pylades Channel and anchored in Pirates Cove with a stern tie. The walk around the park was beautiful and I took photos of arbutuses to paint one day. Lexy picked up hundreds and hundreds of burrs and grass seeds. Poor dog - it took a couple of hours combing to clean her up. It was another very hot glaring day over 30 degrees and so bright. The water in the cove was full of seaweed and oyster spawn but we had a short dip and sun shower to cool down anyway. We barbecued potatoes and spicy sausage for dinner. Now the sun has set and it will soon be pretty cold - 16 degrees probably.  We need to get to bed before it gets too cold. Tomorrow it will be slack at Dodds Narrows or False Narrows at about 10:30 and hopefully the winds will stay light for the 9 or 11 mile trip back to NYC. I  will try to insert a photo here.

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