Thursday, June 11, 2015

Travels in June 2015

We made 2 trips at the end of May and beginning of June 2015. We started by taking our Escape trailer to the mainland on May 24. We had a great family visit and then on Monday I saw my sinus doc and Tuesday my asthma doc. They both said I was in bad shape. I should have gone in weeks before when I first started having problems with my hearing and breathing. I was put on a big prednisone burst - 50 MG per day for a week and then tapering off for a week.

Prescription purchased we set off for beautiful Manning Park. The snow had only just melted and there were hardly any other people there.  Mike canoed and I took very short walks. We watched our Teaching  Company DVD on great opera in a hail storm.

After a couple of nights we headed down to the very hot Okanagan to join 160 other Escapes at the rally in Osoyoos. It was so hot I thought I  had a fever. We joined in the activities and met other Escapees from all over North America.  It was lots of fun - especially as I began to feel a bit better. Our neighbors in the RV park were fellow Albineers on their way across Canada in their new 15 ft Escape. We stayed in Manning on the way home. This time I was well enough to walk 3 km around the top of Lightning Lake.

We went home for a couple of nights and then set off for Thetis Island in Skol. I was so anxious and so prednisoned but I was also better enough to do the 3 hour walk to North Cove not once but twice. We had a great visit with our Albineer friends. It was bitter sweet to realize how old some are getting. Marvin is 95 and his kids won't let him go out on his boat alone anymore. He's still tons of fun and a great storyteller.

After the rendezvous we headed over to Ladysmith and hung out for a few days with Pat and Jim. We anchored across from Ladysmith for 3 nights. Every afternoon Jim and I painted the seascape around us. It was really hot - enough to swim off the boat. It was a really lovely time. Tonight we are in Maple Bay. Tomorrow I will put up some pictures to make this blog look really great.

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